Gordon Sheppard

Writer, Photographer, Filmmaker


Marilyn…Marilyn! Miss Monroe!…
Tell them I’ll be out in just a moment,
Tell them I am wanted on the phone,
Tell them I’ll be out when I am ready,
But right now, my dear, I want to be alone….

Mister, I was hoping that you’d call me,
I can’t go on the way I’ve gone before,
Whenever love begins I start to lose it,
Will you please hold on, I’m going to lock the door…


Oh, I wanna go…dancing!
I wanna go…singing!
I wanna go…movin with a song.
I wanna go…dancing!
I wanna go…singing!
I wanna go…on and on and on…

Mister can you tell me what is happening,
And what it is, we’re really looking for,
Tell me why the show is never over,
And the crowd tonight is not the one before…

Mister, you can’t mean it what you’re saying,
I can’t go on, I can’t, I’m running wild,
Please, oh please, don’t treat me like a stranger,
I want your love, I wanna be your child…

Repeat Chorus

Lyrics by Gordon Sheppard
Music by Marc Ellis and G. Sheppard

©1986 Merica Music Inc.